Gif Stickers

Since 2018 GIF Stickers are trending on Social Media because of Instagram and Snapchat partnership with Giphy.

GIF Stickers are designed with a transparent background so they can be used over other photos and videos, and are applicable in many platforms:

  • Social Media
  • Email Newsletters
  • Web
    strawberry gif

NOW is a great time to add GIF Stickers to your branding. Why?

  • Visuals are always more appealing than text. Illustrations can be used in different ways, added to other media content or alone – and a simple animation can go a long way to grab attention quickly.


  • It’s yet not saturated. There are a lot of funny and meme gifs, but there are not so much brand- related gifs. There are some tags and keywords that don’t have many, or any gifs associated with it on the Giphy platform.


  • It’s a great way to engage with your audience. Get your customers to share your GIF stickers in their stories – a more informal and fun way to get some eyeballs on your brand.
leaf gif


I created a Summer GIF Stickers Collection for Birkenstock – it included some sandals and some logo and branded texts. Illustrations were made with light, summer tones – and the classic colors from the brand.


birkenstock summer gif


Because of the great success with the Summer Collection, we created a new collection for Winter. Darker tones on the winter sandals, Christmas inspired Gifs, and more brand related Gifs.

birkenstock winter gif


They already got 12.6 million gif views when I'm writing this. You can check Birkenstock Giphy Channel HERE.

Summer Birkenstock
Winter Birkenstock

And you can check Good Objects Giphy Channel HERE

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