Hi, I’m Valeria!

Since 2014 I’ve been working in Good Objects, where I make watercolor illustrations of all kind of objects that are posted daily to Instagram & Pinterest.

I mostly work doing watercolor illustrations of objects, but I also design patterns, GIF Stickers, and even NFTs !
I work from Montevideo, Uruguay for brands all around the world.

International clients: DirecTV, Facebook, Dior, Birkenstock, Allianz, Coach, LVMH, Francis Mallmann. You can check my 2021 Portfolio.

Local (Uruguay) clients: Punta Carretas Shopping, Lancôme, Rapsodia, Clubhouse, La ibérica and many more!

I’m available for freelance work, licensing and collaborations. Do you have an idea? I can illustrate it :)

Say hi at: valeriagoodobjects@gmail.com 


I’ve studied Fashion Design from 2007 to 2011 at Escuela Universitaria Centro de Diseño. I worked as a fashion design assistant for a year and then quit my job and travelled to Europe for the first time. When I came back, I had a hard time to find another job and I couldn’t get along with the idea of going back to work +9 hours a day sitting on a chair filling worksheets.

With so much free time in my hands, I spent some good time on Instagram. In 2014 things were quite different in Instagram, we had our lovely chronological feed, many brands were just starting their accounts, and I found that some of my favorite illustrators were building some kind of portfolio there.

I thought that it was the perfect time to start my portfolio too. To achieve this, I imposted myself a challenge: To post a watercolor illustration of an object I liked everyday. At that time, I had only painted with watercolors a few times, and I was completely self-taught on the technique. I strongly believe that consistency and everyday practice makes a compound effect.

valeria rienzi




As I was drawing objects from brands - and these brands didn’t have a so well curated feed as they have now – they would repost now and then some of my illustrations and this is how I started to get some attention. One of my favorite blogs – HonestlyWTF - made a post about Good Objects and even Vanity Fair included Good Objects as one of the 20 illustrator accounts to follow on Instagram.




There was a time - pre pandemic – when I organized some watercolor workshops.

I did these workshops in Montevideo, Uruguay -where I live - but also in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 watercolor workshop

Want to know a little bit more about me?


I was born with the Sun in Aquarius, ascendant Pisces and moon in Gemini. What does this mean? Well, I don’t really know but I googled it and I agree that I cherish my independence and refuse to be constrained in any way.



I think this is not a year to say that travelling is what I love to do the most. But yes, I do. Planning to go to Europe in 2021 – I already have the plane ticket. Hope everything is calmer for that time.





One of the things I enjoy about working freelance is the freedom in time management. I’m a night owl so I prefer working at night. I really love being able to have a nap every now and then.




As my hobby turned into my job, my new hobby is knitting. Picture this: Candle, Netflix, wine, and crochet. I’m almost 33 and officially old.

netflix and chill 

Last but not least, some facts:

Big fan of socks all year round. Summer very much included.

ice cream and socks

Daily chocolate eater. After each meal. Not so proud about this.

chocolate and coffee

I have an intense fear of cats, love dogs though.



If you got to this point reading about me, I think we should be friends! I would love to know about you as well, do you love cats or dogs? Do you paint with watercolors? Send me a message on Instagram


valeria rienzi