How to pay? With Debit or Credit Card

How to pay? With Debit or Credit Card

First of all, if you decided to buy a Good Objects product - Thank you!

More than 700 people bought digital products from the Good Objects Store, and I'm here to help you make the process easier. 

PayPal is the platform chosen to pay internationally - it makes the transaction safe. If you never used it, don't worry - you don't need a PayPal Account.

Here is a step by step guide:

First of all, fill in the contact information - The email is very important as we will send the download link there. 

The Billing address is not so important but we will need some data to fill each blank space.

After that, continue to payment.

how to pay

Here you just check everything is OK and go to Complete order

how to pay

If you have a PayPal account you can enter your password and pay directly, but if you don't - just go to Pay with Debit or Credit Card

Here comes the Card info. You will need to fill the blanks with the card you chose from the available options.

how to pay

The last step, here you can choose that you don't want an account now - and go to Pay now. DONE! 

how to pay

You will now receive in your email the link with the product/s you bought. I suggest downloading everything to your computer.

If you have any trouble please contact me to I will help you out as fast as I can !

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