Watercolor Paper

This second IGTV video brings the answer to another common question: Which paper do you use?

There are so many variants and details to cover. But I will try to keep it simple so it's easier for you to figure out which paper will fit your style.

Check the IGTV video HERE.

Caballito Premium by Canson - 180 gsm

I used this one a lot when I started painting. It's a cheap and good enough paper to practice, but is really thin and it buckles easily. It works if you are painting small surfaces with little water. If you are planning to do big washes choose a thicker paper.

Canson Montval - 200 gsm

Similar to the previous one, really thin but with better texture. It looks a bit more natural.

Canson Montval - 300 gsm

This is my favorite paper. It's not so expensive, the texture is really good - it's nice for painting and it's also good for drawing with pen. It's thick so it can take lots of water without buckling. I usually buy this maxi pack in Argentina.

Fabriano - Cold press Studio Watercolor - 300 gsm

I really like this one too, but is not so easy to find here in Uruguay or Argentina.

Arches - Cold press - 300 gsm

This one is considered professional paper. Really nice quality, 100% cotton, but I find it a bit rough for drawing with pen. I don't use this one so much.

Arches - Rough - 300 gsm

This one is even more rough, so it's not so easy to draw with pen on it. I think this one would be great to make big abstract paintings.

Hahnemuhle - Veneto Rough - 325 gsm

I didn't even open this one. Same as the previous one, but thicker. Saving this one for a special occasion where there is no drawing involved.