acrylics textured wall art

Acrylics + Baking powder wall art

I started this wall art as a side project for my home, I saw that Geneva Vanderzeil used the acrylics + baking powder technique for some projects she called Trash to terracotta where she painted some vases with this mix to give them some textured feel, and decided to give it a try.

First of all, I bought a big MDF (200 x 100 cm) because I already have a specific place of my home where I was going to hang it, so I measured that space and decided the size of the art piece.

Then I bought white acrylic, the 200 ml bottle was enough. First I painted two layers of white acrylic only with a big brush.


After the two layers of white acrylic were dry, I made the baking powder and acrylics mix. So satisfying! The baking powder starts a chemical reaction and the acrylic becomes a mousse with bubbles. Used a spatula to apply it.

One the base was finished, I needed to decide which design I was going to make over it, and which technique to do.

As I didn't want to try it directly on the MDF, I made some scale cardboard pieces so I could try different options there.


And of course I asked for help on instagram as I couldn't decide which design to make. 


diy wall art

Stripes won with 65% over arch 35%. So stripes it is! I measured the stripes on the paper and painted them with ultramarine blue acrylic and a tiny bit of payne's grey watercolor ( I didn't want to buy it and that's what I had)

The best way tu upgrade an art piece: frame it.

And this is the result! It was really fun to make, as it was the first time I did something like this and so many people helped with the decisions on instagram.

Let me know if you liked it!

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